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Winter 1-31-2021



The Editor, LPP Journal

Dear Sir, Please find herewith my review paper titled as, "Phase locked loop using VLSI Technology: A Bibliometric Survey and Future Research Directions" for publication in your reputed journal.

Kindly consider.

With regards

Dr. Ujwala


: For the design of high frequency networks power has been one of the most significant specifications. Power usage is therefore one of the most significant challenges to microprocessor design. If we lower the supply voltage, this immediately leads to a decrease in static and dynamic power usage in order to reduce the circuit's power dissipation. Decreasing the voltage of the supply, however, often decreases the circuit's output, which is not reasonable.

The low power proposed phase locked loop (PLL) is therefore built using microwind 3.1, 45nm CMOS/VLSI technology, which, in practice, at low power, delivers high intensity output. The well-organized (area) architecture for Phase Locked Loop (PLL) with multiple outputs is also planned using microwind 3.1, 45nm CMOS/VLSI technology. At the level of physical detail, Microwind 3.1 facilitates the design and simulation of an integrated circuit. For 45 nm technology, the operating gate length required is 25nm.