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Aluminum alloys having good strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion have a wide range of applications in aerospace, automobiles, military, sports and many other applications. In order to enhance the hardness and wear resistance of the surface without compromising the bulk properties, aluminum matrix based surface composites fabricated with various reinforcements on the surface are now a days being utilized widely as new generation materials. In the manufacturing of metal surface hybrid composites (precisely of light weight alloys like- Al, Mg, etc.), the friction stir processing is a promising new solid state processing technique which is versatile enough to incorporate controlled uniform distribution of the reinforcements into the matrix for reduced defects and improved properties at the surface. The objective of this bibliometric review is to understand the scope of Industry 4.0 applications in the condition monitoring and evaluation of friction stir processing for fabrication of surface hybrid composites based on the existing literature. In order to analyze the available literature, a total of 1027 published documents have been studied using scopus database. Based on the published documents, research is focused on the analysis based on yearly published documents, types of documents, source titles, keywords searched, affiliations of authors, funding sponsors, countries related, source types, languages of publications, etc.

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