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Winter 2-1-2021


This study aims to identify (1) the number of publications by year; (2) number of publications by type of document; (3) the top ten publications that publish metadata; (4) the distribution of metadata research topics based on subjects and keywords; and (5) mapping research trends in the discussion of metadata. The method uses a bibliometric study sourced from the Science Direct database ( Data is collected through published searches with the keyword "metadata" in the title, abstract or author-specified keywords area and limited to the last 10 years (2011-2020) and it is managed and analyzed using Ms. Excel. Meanwhile, metadata international publication developments trends were analyzed using the VosViewer application. The result shows that the most publications were in 2016 with 33 publications from 221 publications obtained. The most publications based on document type are journal articles with 163 documents, while the most publication with titel of metadata research are Procedia Computer Science with 22 publication titles. In the distribution analysis, research topics result in 10 research subjects and 40 keywords related to 8 clusters, with the most keywords which are "metadata", "linked data", and "data management".