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Winter 2-1-2021

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Organizational structure involves a combination of relationships being operated among positions and jobs to achieve and accomplish the organization’s objectives. It is a pattern of relationships that has been generated through a conscious planning process. It operates within an environment which comprises economic, social, cultural, political, and legal subsystems. Meanwhile, any change in factors can impact the design of an organization which will necessitate a change in the structure to suit the new conditions. Generally, it can be affected by goals, strategy, environment, technology, organization size, and the psychological characteristics of workers. Since an organization is continuously interacting with its environment in terms of drawing inputs from it and providing it its outputs. It is found that most libraries and information centers operate in complex and changing external environments which produce new challenges. These changes necessitated are redefining jobs and redesigning existing departments to suit the new technological process. The present paper is a study conducted on the organizational staff structure of college library professionals of West Garo Hills of Meghalaya. A structured questionnaire was prepared and distributed personally to the library professionals. The data collected were gathered and analyzed for discussion. Based on the results obtained, a few suggestions are also being incorporated.