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Plant phenotyping is a quantitative description of structural, physiological and temporal traits of plants resulting from interaction of plant genotypes with the environment. A rapid development is in progress in the field of image-based plant phenotyping. Plant phenotyping has wide range of applications in plant breeding research, plant growth prediction, biotic and abiotic stress analysis, crop management and early disease detection. The main motive is to provide detailed bibliometric review in order to know the available literature and current research trends in the area of plant phenotyping using plant images. The bibliometric analysis is primarily based on Scopus, web of science, Research Gate and Mendeley. This bibliometric review covers various topics related to image-based plant phenotyping starting from different imaging techniques used for phenotyping to various phenotyping methodologies like image processing, computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning-based plant phenotyping. There is significant advancement observed in the area of plant phenotyping since 2015. It is also observed that researchers from United States are leading the research in plant phenotyping.



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