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Internet and its use have become ubiquitous and its tremendous growth has given way to Social networking sites evolved as the most popular medium of communication. The present study on the kind of information shared, motives and benefits for sharing information as well as the problems encountered while Sharing Knowledge through SNS. There were 652 responses obtained through an online questionnaire. The percentage approach was used for data analysis. The results found that 99.5% of the respondents from the Library and Information science access the internet for various purposes. 66.4% of respondents share valuable information with friends and 62.5% with the community. 47.2% share both videos and audios with friends, 35.6% share information in Newsletter mode, 44.3% and 61.5% share posts and presentations using SNS. 94.2% deem sharing valuable content as a major motivational factor. 94% agreed that SNS use for communicating and interacting with friends; 90.5% strongly agreed SNS use for online learning and establishing contact with subject experts. 87.7% and 78.3% agreed for getting updated information in their area of interest and for sharing new ideas to get solutions for research questions. Overall, the respondents have derived a great benefit by SNS platforms. For SNS us issues, 95% of respondents agreed that ‘the data security’ and ‘privacy breach’ while sharing content in social media. 68.6% of respondents also agreed that ‘internet addiction’ and ‘cyber-crime’ are the two major issues faced by the professionals. The study suggests LIS professional play a better role in the knowledge sharing cycle.