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Winter 1-23-2020


The lively spread of COVID-19 has lockdown the countries across the globe. This study aims to assess the awareness, identify the best practices on protective measures against COVID-19 suggested by WHO (World Health Organization) among the academicians of India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and also to know the preference for engaging themselves during lock-down period. A descriptive method was chosen for the research and both primary and secondary data were used in this study. Primary data were collected from the resident academics of India and United Arab Emirates. Secondary data were gathered from online resources for better understanding. An online survey (hosted by was designed and circulated through authors’ known group emails, multiple WhatsApp groups and posted in so as to collect data. It has been identified that 669 (90.53%) surveyed participants hold undergraduate and above degree qualifications. It is observed that majority (89.72%) of the participants strongly agreed with social distancing which is the best practice against COVID-19. 710 (96.08%) academics positively responded to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. It was found that very less (5.68%) number of sample group agreed against for practicing respiratory hygiene. The present study has been conducted among the working group of educational institutions. Though there were many ways to identify them, only known individuals have been communicated to record their feedback about the impact of covid 19. An attempt has been made to explore the notions of academics about covid 19. The study is the original work and reveals the ideas and thoughts of the sample group. No such a work has been carried out in any part of the world with the academic sample population. This study will lead to encourage the individuals to take up the same approach with different sample size and geographical limitations.



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