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This study tries to review the research around the Mosques economy on reputable journal. It uses descriptive statistical analysis based on selected 103 article publications or papers related to the Mosques economy, with national and international journal. The entire sample journal publications have published for twelve years from 2009 to 2020. The Results show that mosques economy research study case is still dominated by Indonesia (76 studies), following by Malaysia (14 studies) and Bangladesh (3 studies). In addition, the average time of journal publication, between 9 and 10 years. There are at least 43 journals that published mosques economy articles with the other and zakat for focus study. Furthermore, the comparison of qualitative research (76%) is still more than the quantitative approach (14%). This study found that mosques play an essential role in building Islamic socio-economic and political civilization as a basis for supporting the development of Islamic social funds, the halal industry and BMT microfinance.