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The household electricity consumption ranks in the second position after the industrial electricity consumption, across the globe. This is because of the factors, which include, higher consumer income, electrification, digitalization and advancement in technologies. Moreover, the electricity demand is also depending on household characteristics, non-household characteristics and occupant’s behavior. The aim behind this study is to provide insights to researchers on household electricity consumption areas with different aspects, which includes factors affecting them, need of data collection, its approaches and techniques. To know about the research dedicated to the above-mentioned aspects, it is crucial to explore the Scopus database, refer recent patent details, and know the work contributed by eminent authors in this field. For this study various tools like Power BI, VOSviewer, ScienceScape, Microsoft excel and Draw io tools are used for data visualization and interpretation with database obtained from Scopus. This bibliometric analysis is done for 17999 main documents, with emphasis on keywords like electricity, household, energy efficiency. This work would serve as initial step for household electricity consumption analysis research, which would be beneficial for the researchers and government agencies.