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Background: The aim of this study is to analyse the work carried out in healthcare or medical domain using blockchain technology for privacy and security of patient’s data, their healthcare records. The documents published in Scopus and Web of Science databases during the year 2016 to present (February 2021) have been considered for survey.


Scopus and Web of Science(WoS), most popular databases are used to retrieve documents which were published between years 2016 to present. Scopus analyser and web of Science analyser are used for analysis of various parameters such as documents published per year, sources of documents, number of citations and so on. VOSviewer1.6.16 software tool is used for analysis of different units such as citations, co- authorship etc.


During our survey we have retrieved a total 598 documents related to blockchain technology in the healthcare domain which are published from year 2016 on wards from scopus database. Using a web of science database 594 documents has been retrieved for the same domain. Statistical analysis and network analysis shows that there is tremendous growth in publications from year 2019 and 2020 on blockchain technology. The United States, India and China are major contributors.

Conclusions: Databases are analysed in terms of number of documents per year, sources of publications, authors correlation, documents per country, funding agencies etc parameters are statistically analysed. Using statistical and network analysis we can conclude that there is huge scope to work in the blockchain domain to achieve more privacy, security, and data integrity.