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Spring 2-9-2021

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This paper attempts to examine the research support services in university libraries of higher education institutions in the Punjab, Pakistan. University libraries are providing traditional and as well as modern facilitation to scholars, students, and teachers for face to face and online learning in the globe generally and in Pakistan specifically. A quantitative study design opted and a sample of 90 university libraries was taken out of 116 libraries including sub-campuses libraries from the Punjab Province. A well-structured questionnaire was administered and pretested to conduct a representative survey. The study findings indicated that there was a significant difference in research support facilities between government and private sector university libraries in the Punjab Province. There was also a significant difference in the training of library staff regarding research support activities among university types. The study recommended that training on research support services in the library should be provided to library professional staff, researchers, and students for the best utilization of library services.

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