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Winter 2-9-2021


The study covers 28 Ph.D. theses submitted during 1995-2018. The study identified that 2016 was the most productive year and the contribution of male research scholars is more as compared to female research scholars. Prof. K. L. Mahawar has supervised the maximum number of theses i.e. 14 corresponding to 50% of all. Majority of references are single authored and from journals. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) is the most cited journal. Development and Information Seeking Behavior is the most studied sub domain of LIS. Bibliometric studies on PhD theses has been conducted in various countries in various disciplines, but the study of the published literature shows that a very few attempts have been made in India so far that too in Library and Information Science domain. The study determines the bibliographic features and could be an asset to researchers, academicians and librarians.



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