Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 2-9-2021

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Institute libraries as resource centers and disseminators of information occupy primary place in Institute setup. Library websites integrate it resources and services and has to be taken in designing and developing from perspective of users needs. The present study is concerned with web based content analysis of library websites of Institute of National Importance in West Bengal, India. The required content information has been collected through searching, browsing and analyzing the selected library websites of said Institutes during October to December, 2020. The library websites of studied Institutes were identified from Google, Wikipedia and other E-Resources. Only five Institute libraries of IIM, Kolkata; ISI, Kolkata; IIT, Kharagpur; IIEST, Shibpur and WBNUJS, Kolkata have separate library homepage which are direct accessed by the library users. Remaining other nine studied Institute library websites are accessed through their Institute websites. ISI library, Kolkata got highest total score of 27 out of 40 points ranked with ‘Very Good/Above Average’, followed by IIM library with 23 points ranked with ‘Good/Average’; both IIT and WBNUJS Libraries with 22 points ranked with ‘Good/Average’ and BI Library with 17 points ranked as ‘Good/Average’. Out of fourteen Institute libraries, none of the Institute library website obtained ‘Excellent’ ranked of content analysis on library websites. The main purpose of this study is to guide the Library & Information Science Professionals in improving their existing Institute library websites.