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This study aims ro analyze the work done on Flexible and Wearable Microstrip Patch antennas using different techniques from 2010 to 2021, using the bibliometric methods.This paper presents a Scopus database review on “Flexible and Wearable Microstrip Patch antennas”. As it is the emerging technique used by advanced wireless communication systems in recent years because of having benefits over other types of antennas.

The necessity of doing this bibliometric survey is that to know how the flexible and wearable antennas are advantageous for today’s wireless communication systems and its practical usability. This paper shows the importance of flexible and wearable antennas from the year 2010 and continued up to 2021 January. The database analysis of the antennas is done through Scopus and tool like VOSviewer Version 1.6.15. Through this database survey it is revealed that maximum numbers of publications are from conferences and journals, affiliated to engineering, India lead publications followed by other countries.