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Spring 3-15-2021

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This research investigates the political communication channel of the Aceh’s woman legislators to the community. After the period of political conflict in Aceh, women participation in the public sphere as a legislator is shown to be increasing in quantity. However, their coverage on the media regarding their performance and activity as Aceh’s women’s legislators is still lacking. These women representatives have not been received enough recognition within the community. This study aims to reveal the political communication channel of these women’s legislator to the constituents. This study was conducted in the Aceh Legislative Body using a descriptive qualitative method. The data were collected through interviews and documentation. The results of the study suggest that the political communication channel utilized by the women’s legislators is mostly public communication, group communication channel, and social communication channel. They conducted face to face communication with the constituents when taking their aspiration and explaining the policy and programs that they have conducted, are conducting, and will conduct.