Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Purpose: The main purpose of this study is to find out the major factors affecting career choices, level of job satisfaction, and perceptions of the general image of library and information science professionals in Delhi university library system. This article explores, how much satisfaction of these library professionals, derive from their chosen career and examine the degree of dissatisfaction or areas of discontent among then.

Methodology: A survey method was used to investigate the level of the job satisfaction of LIS professionals working in Delhi university library system. The questionnaire was randomly distributed to 65 LIS professionals and a total number of 60 respondents were completed and returned filled questionnaires correctly which was adequate for empirical analysis (response rate 92.31%). The collected data was analyzed and tabulated by using simple statistical methods.

Findings: Results show that Master degree holders (33.33%) constitute larger proportion as the fact that Master degree is mainly considered as the entry point to the library profession. 66.67% of respondents have replied that LIS professionals do not enjoy the social status on par with teaching professionals. While recording the level of job satisfaction, 60% of respondents replied that they are satisfied with their present employer, and 20% are dissatisfied. Respondents were given free choice to opt for as many options as they find appropriate, and accordingly 35.00% of professionals have shown their satisfaction with salary, 16.67% of respondents are satisfied with their work environment, and 13.34% of professionals are satisfied with their working hours.