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This paper aims to extract and scrutinize the published data of Regional Studies (A quarterly journal of Islamabad Regional Studies(IRS).

Designed/methodology/approach: The bibliometric approach is used to analyze the published work of Regional studies during 2012-20. The analysis includes: The Authorship pattern. Contribution of different organizations and most dynamic authorship alongwith the Geographical distribution of the published work.

Research limitation(s): The study is limited to nine years of performance from 2012-20 only, and no other parts were brought into consideration for this paper.

Key finding(s): The study reveals that 122 authors contributed 130 papers during 2012-20 with an average rate of 5.2 articles per issue. The study shows that most of the articles 101 (77.69%) out of 130 articles were contributed by single authors and the most prolific authors were Pakistani by geographical distributions.

Practical implication(s): This study identifies the gap and loophole in the existing style and publication methods. The analysis will undoubtedly create awareness among potential authors, readers, and library information professionals generally and particularly to the stakeholders and researchers of the Institute of Regional Studies. This study will help to understand the scope and coverage of the journal.

Contribution to knowledge: The researchers attempted to highlight this journal's scope for the scholars of social sciences in Pakistan and abroad. The study is the author's first attempt at this journal, and no other similar research has been contributed by others so far. It will also help the researchers as a source of guidance for novice researchers interested in the bibliometric analysis of various journals and scholarly databases. It also contributes to the scholarly world to assist and extend the boundaries of knowledge.