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The water is important for life after air but there is water shortage problem worldwide. The untreated wastewater pollutes fresh water resources. The reuse of treated wastewater for crop irrigation will reduce stress on freshwater and also provides nutrients. Wastewater had been reused for many generations, it was first discovered in 1973 and in continuation there onwards till today. The treated-wastewater reuse for irrigation of crops will reduce stress on freshwater and also provides nutrients. The main objective of this bibliometric study is analyze the research work done in the past in relation to wastewater treatment and its reuse. This paper also covers pros and cons of reuse of treated wastewater for agriculture. This survey shows majority of the publications are from Brazil followed by United States of America. The maximum publications related to reuse of treated wastewater are from conference and journals. It is also identified that the count of research articles per year increased dramatically after 2013. Environmental science is the leading subject area, followed by agriculture, engineering, chemical engineering, and medicine. It is to be noted that this research area had maximum funding from European Commission. This art-search shows minimal contribution of review papers. This bibliometric survey will help new researchers to understand summary of the existing work and identify thrust area. Thus, this bibliometric analysis spans over publications according to languages, as per their types, prominent authors, leading countries, publications per year, major funding sponsors, key affiliations, also it shows co-appearance among journals and keywords, authors and keywords, references and keywords etc. In a way it is full platter of information in terms of different research aspects related till date research carried out about treated wastewater reuse.



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