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Purpose: This study aims to present a bibliometric analysis of the research journal titled “Tulsi Prajna” to provide a summary of research activity in the journal and to characterize its most important aspects.

Methodology: The present study is based on the bibliometrics analysis of the papers published in Tulsi Prajna for the period 2016–2020. The analysis was done in two parts viz analysis of articles and analysis of citations. The analysis mainly covers the year-wise distribution, category-wise classification, authorship patterns, degree of collaboration, geographical distribution of articles and the citation analysis.

Findings: The present analysis displays a trend of growth in contributions published in Tulsi Prajna during the period 2016 to 2020. The analysis showed that 121 papers were published in journal during the period of study. The maximum number of publications were recorded in 2019 (49 articles, 40.5%) while the minimum was in the year 2017 (12 articles, 9.9%). A total of 121 articles published with the annual average growth rate of 24.5%. It has been revealed that the maximum number of papers published as under the category of article i.e. 112 (92.6%), whereas 09 (7.4%) papers published under the editorial material category. The highest proportion of papers were by single authors (79.3%), followed by papers with 2 authors (20.7%). The degree of collaboration in quantitative terms is 0.21. It shows that during the study period, the most authors contributed their papers single. Acarya Mahaprajna topped the list of most prolific authors with 7.44% of total number of publications. The findings of year-wise distribution of citations showed that a good number of citations was in 2019 (1195 citations) followed by 2020 with (589 citations).

Originality: The journals are the indicators of literature growth in respective field of knowledge. The journals are the main channel to disseminate the knowledge. Therefore, the librarians and statisticians are forced for conducting the bibliometric studies.