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The main purpose of a library is to provide quick and comprehensive access to information to its clients by using the best possible tools and techniques available. This study examines the usage of electronic resources by undergraduate students of UHAS, in Ho, Ghana and the perceived impact of the use of electronic resources on their academic work. The study employed a survey research method because of its potential for generalizing findings to a large population, while a questionnaire was used as an instrument for data collection. Data was collected from 100 students from five schools. Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 21 was used to analyse the data into frequencies and percentages. Findings revealed that participants are aware of the electronic library and its resources, but that they are often unable to find information from it. Students believe the electronic library is important for their academic work, but think that the use thereof is difficult. It is recommended that there should be improved infrastructure facilities for accessing electronic resources in the UHAS library, as well as a budgetary allocation for subscribing to more electronic resources. Users should, however, be consulted before purchasing these resources. Finally, the UHAS Library should organize regular training programmes on how to use the electronic library and its resources.