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Winter 2-18-2021


Citation analysis of theses helps in evaluating research performance of departments and universities. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the theses available in Central library, Tripura University from the department of Mathematics. Theses available in the central library for the period of ten years from 2007 to 2016 constitute the sample as the university was converted to central university in 2007. The authorship pattern of the articles was measured with collaborative measures. Bradford law and Leimkuhler model were tested against the dataset. It was revealed that the journals are the most preferred type of documents having the share of 82.07%. Until 1950, single authored papers were dominating and in the recent decades the trend is seen to be shifting towards large group collaborations. The dataset did not fit well against Bradford’s law of scattering. However, we acknowledge the acceptability of modified Bradford’s distribution given by the Leimkuhler model. The results revealed should assist the researchers in the area of Mathematics in improved understanding the characteristics of the field.