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Winter 2-19-2021


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The research productivity of CIPET has not been measured until now from any view point of Scientometrics. This is the untouched area of research. In the study a generous attempt has been made to understand and evaluate the research productivity based on Scopus database. The study focuses on various aspects of the publication such as the distribution of articles, annual growth rate, authorship pattern, authors productivity, degree of collaboration, collaborative index, country-wise distribution of articles, citation analysis. The dataset collected from Scopus database shows 606 publications from the beginning (1988) to 29.02.2020 in the area of Plastics Technology. From the study it is revealed that Nayak, S and Mohanty, S are two most productive author; Mohanty, S and Nayak, S have co-authored 302 (49.83%) articles and this pair stands on the First rank; Nayak, S and Mohanty, S are found to have the highest h-index, 34 and 30 respectively; Journal of Applied Polymer Science is found to be the journal with highest number of publishing articles which has an impact factor (2018-19) of 2.188; The year 2019 is found to be most productive year followed by 2017 and 2015; Maximum Relative Growth rate (RGR) of 0.29 has been found for the period 2004 to 2007 and the minimum RGR of 0.10 for the period 1996 to 1999.