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Dear Prof Mary K. Bolin and Prof Gail Z. Eckwright,

I am pleased to submit an original research article entitled “Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics: A bibliometric portrait of ten publication years” by Abdul Syahid for consideration for publication in the Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). The Southeast Asian and Indonesian leading journal in the field of applied linguistics is worth portraying from the angles of publication, citation, and indexation. I performed the performance and network analyses of the journal by mining bibliographic data from Microsoft Academic through the use of two bibliometric tools. I believe that this manuscript is appropriate for publication by Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) because it is concerned with one of the following topics in your prestigious journal. This manuscript could describe the pattern of performance and network in the journal during its one decade of publication.

This manuscript has not been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

I have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

Please find attached:

1. Manuscript ready for publication;

2. Manuscript for a blind review process;

3. Report of similarity check by turnitin;

4. Form of ethic committee approval

The complete data set for this manuscript could be downloaded on Syahid, A. (2021). Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics: A bibliometric portrait of ten publication years (Supplementary materials) [Data set]. Zenodo. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bibliometric portraits of a single journal appear to be rarely taken in the field of applied linguistics. Viewed from the angles of publication, citation, and indexation, one of the journals worth a bibliometric portrait is the Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics. Casting local and regional concerns on the global applied linguistics, the journal has ranked among the big five Open Access Journals in the Asiatic region since its foundation in 2011. Capturing a corpus of 426 documents by 824 authors from 144 organizations through two free bibliometric tools, i.e. Publish or Perish and VOSviewer, this study portrays the journal from 2011 to 2020 through the lens of Microsoft Academic, one of the largest yet free academic search engines and bibliographic databases. The portrait exhibits the journal’s scientific productivity and quality, including the most prolific authors and their affiliations. It also depicts the co-authorship, keyword co-occurrence, self-citation, and bibliographic coupling. How some aspects such as the relative dominance of authors from the university publishing house has evolved before and after the Scopus indexation provide a more vivid portrait of the journal. It could provide not only retrospective but also prospective insights into the ongoing contribution of the journal to the big enterprise of applied linguistics.