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Spring 3-25-2021


Information literacy is defined as a constellation of skills related to the use of information, it is considered important aspect to ensure students success in heir learning process. Lecturers’ perspective of students’ information literacy may influence they way they help students enhancing students’ information literacy. This research aims to reveal lecturers’ experiences and expectations of students within their teaching programs. A qualitative approach was employed with semi-structured interviews involving 18 lecturers from 6 faculties that were recruited by using convenience sampling. The data collected were then analysed by using thematic analysis. The findings reveal that how lecturers understand information literacy and what teaching strategies they employed for helping students enhancing their information literacy. Some lecturers have defined their ways of helping students to become more critical and independent learners. However, most of the faculties agree that it was through academic reading and writing that students would be able to help themselves to become information literate. The findings of this study benefit the librarian and faculty collaborations in designing an information literacy program that can be either taught as an information literacy program or it is integrated into a curriculum.



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