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Spring 5-1-2021

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Library Philosophy and Practice

We wish to submit an original research article entitled “Information Mapping of Religious Conflict Research in Indonesia: Bibliometric Analysis” for Library Philosophy and Practice. We confirm that this work is original and has not been published elsewhere, nor is it currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. We believe that this manuscript is appropriate for publication by Library Philosophy and Practice.

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Research on religious conflict is mostly carried out by researchers in Indonesia, but it has not been mapped integratively. Several studies on religious conflict have been published and indexed on the Portal Garuda. The Portal Garuda is a national indexer for scientific publications in Indonesia. This study aims to determine a map of the development of religious conflict research in Indonesia. In this study, several scientific articles on the theme of religious conflict were reviewed. This study uses a quantitative approach with the bibliometric method. The results of the study show that the trend of religious conflict research in Indonesia tends to fluctuate. The largest increase in the number of articles was recorded in 2018. Based on the research data, it is also shown that the author of religious conflict scientific articles affiliated with Islamic Higher Education institutions in Indonesia is more dominant. Meanwhile, the research subjects that appear in many scientific articles on religious conflict are clusters of communal conflicts or conflicts between religions.