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Winter 2-23-2021


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Commitment of library personnel refers to the extent to which they relate with the goals and aspirations of their respective libraries and their desire to work for the realisation of the goals and, the readiness to be with their respective libraries. All employees, including academic librarians look for attractive salaries, creativity and innovation and job security. These factors fit well into the “Maslow Theory of Needs”. This study adopted a survey design. Two Hundred and ninety personnel drawn from public tertiary institutions in Ogun state participated in the study. A questionnaire was used to gather data and the data was analysed by frequency counts, multiple regression analysis and t-test.

Findings of the study revealed a significant influence of the independent variable (job satisfaction and security) on the dependent variable (commitment of the library personnel), F = 9.87; P< .05. This showed that the independent variables had effect on the commitment of academic library personnel to their respective libraries. In addition, the correlation between the duo of job security and job commitment is significant, (R = 0.593; PIn comparison, Job satisfaction was a more potent predictor of commitment to academic libraries (t = 3.38; P < .05) than job security (t = 2.75; P < .05). However, the two variables made considerable relative contributions commitment of academic libraries personnel to their libraries.

The study recommended improvement on the intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors in operation in the academic library by library and the managements of tertiary educational institutions. These would advance satisfaction and commitment among the personnel. Adequate motivation of personnel would also lead to job security. As such, the managements should guard against conduct of that could intimidate, heighten the fear of job insecurity, endanger commitment of library personnel.



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