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In the current study, we presented an overview of the publication profile of Food and Bioproducts Processing (FBP), a leading international journal on food processing. The detailed analysis was made to measure its scientific progress from 1995 to 2019 by identifying publication trends, most cited articles, leading institutes, and profolic countries. The publication dataset and citations information were retrieved from the Scopus bibliographic database hosted by Elsevier. Several scientific achievements were observed in publications (n=1548), impact factor 3.726 or CiteScore 6.10, and the citations (a total of 33,663) over the 25-year time frame. The factorial analysis revealed that the journal research focuses on two clusters. The first cluster focused on moisture determination, spray drying, mathematical models, thermal processing foods, food products and food processing, and the second cluster focuses on research areas of the dimension of surface properties, organic solvents, response surface methodology, antioxidant activities, flavonoids, solvent extraction and fermentation. Although citations have increased significantly need wider publicity of the work. The most cited articles were identified with the interdisciplinary research within food science and technology and added to reinforce science advancement within the field. Overall, these findings highlighted the evolution, progress, quality, and efficiency of the journal and provided early-profession researchers/specialists with an opportunity to lead more inventive studies in food science and technology (FST).