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The study attempted to design the ontology of Library and Information Science theses of central universities of India to visualize the doctoral research output in Library Information Science. The study also attempts to develop the ontology using ‘Methontology’, which is an ontology engineering methodology to explore the method. This Ontology contains 247 concepts, 244 Individuals, 125 Object property assertions, 85 Data property assertions. The developed ontology was evaluated and made sure that it meets the information need of its users and it has been found that Ontology could answer the majority of the questions after evaluation. The evaluation results are satisfactory and the model is valid. This ontology will act as a guide for everyone who is looking at India’s research productivity in the field of Library and Information Science, especially researchers and academicians all over the world. The ontology is currently published in web protégé since that work will be used for an application of e-learning applications.



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