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Winter 2-26-2021

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Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in the job of a librarian in enhancement of their productivity in an organization. Specifically librarians have to meet people from various disciplines and departments and try to satisfy the information seekers with useful advice and give valuable inputs by helping them in meeting the required information. This study is an attempt to probe into the emotional intelligence factors influencing librarians. This study is conducted with special reference to librarians working in selected engineering colleges in Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu State, India. The researcher has adapted a descriptive research design, as the research has a specific goal to be accomplished. The population of the study was around 44 engineering colleges among which 40 colleges were selected by employing simple random sampling according to the convenience of the researchers. A five point rating scale questionnaire was constructed based on the major emotional intelligence factors like self awareness, self regulation, self motivation, social awareness and social skills. The questionnaire was validated to test its reliability. The reliability coefficient was 0.786 for emotional intelligence factors. The data was analyzed by employing simple percentage and one way Anova. The above statistical measure was used to know the statistical independence of the emotional intelligence factors and demographic profiles of the respondents. The study reveals that except for emotional intelligence factors social awareness and social skills with regard to age group, all other factors do not have a significant difference in respect of experience and monthly income.