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Winter 2-27-2021

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Utilization of Broadcast Media


Political News


Broadcast media is one of the electronic media that is widely used to meet the information needs of the public. One of them is television media which is currently still enjoyed by many people amid the presence of new media and social media. There are two private television stations, namely iNews TV and Metro TV as news television which are widely used by political parties and regional head candidate pairs in campaigns, building self-image, and offering work programs. Likewise, the community in fulfilling the information needs related to the 2017 Pilkada DKI Jakarta also took advantage of this television media. This study uses the Uses and Gratifications theory which focuses on the use of media to obtain gratifications for one's needs and public space theory. The purpose of this research is to describe the use of broadcast media in fulfilling the information needs of the political news of the DKI Jakarta Pilkada. Data collection was carried out by in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation study. The data analysis was performed using an interactive model. The results of the research found that the total political news texts of private television both on iNews TV and Metro TV were studied for the information needs of the Pilkada DKI Jakarta, consisting of 172 news pieces, consisting of 90 iNews TV news items, and 82 Metro TV news pieces in various news programs.