Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



One of the factors of the success of any organization depends on the human work force. Librarians and information science professionals always play a supporting role in the teaching, learning and research in the various scopes of the discipline. Employment opportunity in the library and information science is a vital issue in this present era, especially in the present decade and decades to come due to the advancement of new technology which plays a key role in the management of library and information centers. Management factors such as recruitment, induction, promotion, job satisfaction all are affected by modern technologies. Employment theory of John Maynard Keynes plays a significant role in increasing the employment of new library staff. Adaptation and application of this theory will create a new way which will be valuable in the technological environment. Keynes stated the main factors for increasing the employment viz., Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and National Income. If all those factors are applicable in the Indian Library Environment then there will be a positive increment of job opportunities.



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