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Winter 2-28-2021

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The study investigated the impact of social media platforms on students learning activities among distance learning students of the University of Ghana amidst COVID-19. The study was based on the following objectives; to find out some of the devices used in accessing social media platforms, to ascertain the dominant reasons for using social media by distance learning students, to assess the impact of social media platforms on students’ academic activities and to found out the challenges in the use of some social media platforms. The study made use of a survey approach and a questionnaire was used to gather data for the study. A sample size of 158 respondents was used, representing (20%) of the total population (790). The findings of the study were that, even though amongst the devices used in accessing social media platforms are iPad, Pocket Computers, Laptops, and Smartphones, the most used is the smartphone. Also, the study found a decrease in students’ learning academic activities as it serves as destruction. Further, it was revealed that, the most occurring challenge faced by students when in use of social media platforms is the issue of privacy concerns. Per the findings obtained, the study made several recommendations, amongst which include: introduction of sustained education on the benefit of social media by school authorities, and the negatives in the use of social media, and effective ways of utilizing available social media tools to enhance their academic activities especially amidst of COVID-19.