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Winter 2-22-2020


The study seeks to provide insight into the impact of university rankings on University of Lagos undergraduates' choice of university. A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study and a questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. Using the Raosoft sample size calculator, a sample of 381 was selected from 43,784 students. It was revealed that these rankings had influence students ' choice of university. Results show that the students perceived the University of Lagos to have a good reputation and that influenced their choice of university. Moreover, the study showed that university rankings and have become important tools employed by students to choose their preferred university, and popular university rankings among these students are the National Universities Commission's University Ranking and Web of University Cybermetrics. It was concluded that university ranking is an important tool for marketing higher institutions. Hence, university managements are encouraged to be purposeful in ensuring they put their universities on a good pedestal on the university ranking and not forgetting to instigate the university's reputation in the course of that.