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Academic achievement is important for the successful development of students as well as young people in the society. However, postgraduate students’ academic achievement is on the decline and it is perceived to be through lack of ability to identify information needs by many postgraduate students. This study aimed at investigating how information need can influence academic Achievement of first year postgraduate students of Adeleke University, Ede. The study adopted a survey design. The population for the study comprised of 88 postgraduate students. The sample size for this study is 88 students. The study utilised total enumeration method to get a sample for the study. Data was collected with the use of questionnaires adapted from the study of Gavsiddappa Anandhalli (2018). The questionnaire was administered to the postgraduate students directly by the researcher. Data obtained was analysed using descriptive statistics using frequency and count method. Analysis of variance test was used to test hypothesis. The study found out that Large majority (N=80, (76.19) of the students required academic information followed by 62(59.04%) of the respondents who appear to achieve high grades in school. This means that they appear to have high level of academic achievement in their studies. The study also found, that various types of information needs makes a significant contribution (t-value = 13.838; (p<.001) to level of academic achievement. The study concluded that, types of information needs are considered important elements in academic achievements while academic information are high impact information needs that influences academic achievements. The study recommended that the students should develop strong need for information and the ability to retrieve them from different sources so as to enhance their academic achievements. Hence the extra efforts should be made to raise the postgraduate students’ awareness of the different types of information available in their environment.