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This paper aims at how to create a retrieval system through designing a digital library by using open source GSDL software, which will help to store, collect, preserve and distribute all types of documents in digital format. It also describes how to create and integrate a new metadata schema (tc) for a particular domain (Terracotta) using GEMS. In this study, different types of textual information, images, and videos are collected about terracotta temples of the Bankura district of West Bengal. A domain-specific metadata schema using unique namespace 'tc' is created for describing terracotta resources and an HTML page is created for each terracotta temple for displaying in a retrieval system. Finally, a retrieval framework through GSDL software is created to search and retrieve the terracotta resources. Ultimately, a digital library or digital archive of “Terracotta temple in West Bengal” has been developed which is searchable through the web as well as offline/CD-ROM or portable media. It also describes steps about the organization and management of terracotta resources and archiving policy of terracotta cultural objects using open-source digital library software - GSDL. As there are no such standard metadata schemas for archival of terracotta temple resources of West Bengal as per our knowledge are concerned, this is a unique attempt to build such schema and design a prototype online as well as offline retrieval system by harvesting this schema.