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Understanding information needs and seeking behaviour is essential in the provision of effective information services for school teachers. Though many seeking models have been developed over the years, most are relatively concentrated on a distinct profession or practice. However, no such definite model has been developed for school teachers particularly in Sri Lanka. Thus, the main objective of this study is to develop a model to explore the information-seeking behaviour (ISB) of teachers. The model proposed in this paper is based on Wilsons general model of ISB. The theoretical insights and empirical evidence comprehended in the study were adopted into Wilsons model to develop an ISB model for teachers. The proposed model was quantitatively evaluated using empirical data gathered through a survey of 2236 school teachers selected from 4 districts in the country by using the multistage cluster sampling in Sri Lanka. The proposed model provides theoretical and empirical bases for exploring teachersISBs. Thus, the model will be useful in developing valuable insights into the provision of effective information services for school teachers in Sri Lanka.