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Spring 3-4-2021


Maintaining the health of IT infrastructure components for improved reliability and availability is a research and innovation topic for many years. Identification and handling of failures are crucial and challenging due to the complexity of IT infrastructure. System logs are the primary source of information to diagnose and fix failures.

In this work, we address three essential research dimensions about failures, such as the need for failure handling in IT infrastructure, understanding the contribution of system-generated log in failure detection and reactive & proactive approaches used to deal with failure situations.

This study performs a comprehensive analysis of existing literature by considering three prominent aspects as log preprocessing, anomaly & failure detection, and failure prevention.

With this coherent review, we (1) presume the need for IT infrastructure monitoring to avoid downtime, (2) examine the three types of approaches for anomaly and failure detection such as a rule-based, correlation method and classification, and (3) fabricate the recommendations for researchers on further research guidelines.

As far as the authors' knowledge, this is the first comprehensive literature review on IT infrastructure monitoring techniques. The review has been conducted with the help of meta-analysis and comparative study of machine learning and deep learning techniques. This work aims to outline significant research gaps in the area of IT infrastructure failure detection. This work will help future researchers understand the advantages and limitations of current methods and select an adequate approach to their problem.