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The study has been carried out to identify the open data initiatives taken by different governments. The study also incorporated the benefits and challenges and myths of open data applications. It is a qualitative study based on the review of already published literature. Literature was searched from scholarly databases by using multiple keywords. Articles were selected based on relevance to the topic. The UK, US, Maldova, Pakistan, and Fingal Country Catalog cases have been elaborated. The challenges include technical, legal, organizational, managerial, financial, methodological, and conceptual issues. The myths of open data include; 1) All information should be unrestrictedly publicized, 2) It is a matter of merely publishing public data, 3) Every constituent can make use of open data, 4) Open data will result in open government. It will help report already taken initiatives and encountered challenges to better tackle initiatives taken by novice organizations. The organizations planning to adopt linked and open data technologies can overview issues and challenges and benefit from the best practices. This study is one of its kind as assembling open data technologies based on evidence from the literature is not presented before the current study.



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