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Information and Communication Technologies The present revolution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) necessitates a total overhaul of Library and Information Science curriculum to reflect the change. Most library operations and services now adopt the use of ICT. Hence, there is urgent need to integrate ICT into LIS curriculum in order to train LIS graduates who can stand the test of time. This paper highlights the need for reform of LIS curriculum, various changes brought about by ICT in libraries, advantages of ICT, the training models, strategies, skill acquisition for effective operations. It highlights the various challenges of integrating ICT to library curriculum such as policy issues and inadequate technological infrastructure, lack of fund, erratic power supply, technophobia and poor bandwidth problem. It finally suggests that there is need for the formulation and implementation of policies by all the stake holders to integrate ICT training to all education sectors; and that Government should provide adequate ICT infrastructure to leverage the problems of integrating ICT to curriculum development.