Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Expanding and modernising information services are crucial to the continual existence and patronage of academic libraries in the digital era. Technological evolutions have impelled libraries to incorporate all-encompassing, user-friendly and technology-driven service delivery approaches in academic libraries. Emerging technologies seem to fill this perceived gap. This study brings to light the level of awareness, adoption, preferred and readiness for the incorporation of emerging technologies into academic libraries activities in Nigeria. Amid 18 emerging technologies, adoption is stumpy, only an infinitesimal number (WebOPAC, library website, Cybrary, social media and Institutional repository) considered, and awareness remained high. Technologies like RFID, Integrated Library Management System, Library Guide app and Internet of Things were inclusively preferred based on usefulness and the nature of the learning environment. Although, emerging technologies received overwhelming reception based on readiness, its full implementation by regulatory and funding bodies including parent institutions is constrained by underfunding among others.