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The core objective of this study was to examine the impact of digital media on information needs and seeking behavior of university teachers in Pakistan: A study of federal area universities. There are thirteen (13) federally chartered universities located in the federal capital, having faculties of applied/natural sciences, social sciences/humanities, and engineering covered by the study. With the insurrection of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) flow of information is rapidly enhanced. User needs are fulfilled through a single mouse click. Wide-ranging reading of volume of information is an additional dilemma. It is a reality that wide mountain range information creates ambiguity in pickings final decisions. In this context, an inspired information quest is exceedingly tricky. The subject area examined and realized the faculty of the university towards the information, to investigate the main sources of literature consulted, to determine faculty’ awareness of the resourcefulness available to them, to establish whether faculty have had any pedagogy on use of resources or not. The summary of findings revealed that there is significant link between the respondents with attentiveness to their information needs, use of information sources, awareness of digital information of the respondents, searching acquirement and atonement about competence of information. With the help of findings some concrete recommendations are listed at the end of study.