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Marsiya or elegy poetry is a literary genre that is often sung whenever a dear person has died. Marsiya has a visionary and secularist outlook. The knowledge keeps countries alive, both politically and socially, and economically. In the Shia sect of Islam, the act of writing and proposing elegy on Imam Hussain A.S. Martyrdom finds an important place, although it is not entirely restricted to it. In Northwest India, by the end of the 11th century, Persian-Arabic words were developed and the languages spoken at the time were brought to the Indian language. Kashmir has been said to have had ancient cultural and trade ties with Persia, but the Persian language and culture ruled only when Islam was introduced in the mid-14th century. With the movement of nobles and other scholars from Persia and central Asia, the Persian-Arab influence in the valley had been promoted. In this paper, the title was identified with most Persian words used, and after that words were documented.