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This study investigated the challenges in management of retrospective conversion of catalogue records among federal university libraries in South East, Nigeria. The researcher sought to find out the facilities available for retrospective conversion exercise, the approaches used, challenges faced in management of retrospective conversion, as well as strategies to enhance the management of retrospective conversion of catalogue records in the libraries under study. To get data on this topic, the researcher employed a descriptive survey design. The population of the study was 56. The cataloguers and others involved in retrospective conversion formed the population of the study and a total number of 35 staff were purposively drawn as the sample size. In line with the four research questions, a questionnaire, interview schedule and observation checklist were used as instruments for data collection. Data collected were analysed using frequency counts, percentages and mean scores.

The study revealed thus; the libraries under study have basic facilities required and the most popular method of conversion is the use of in-house staff. Lack of proper planning, poor implementation plan, little or no supervision, poor funding, erratic power supply, virus attack, and inadequate ICT expertise of staff, among others are challenges in management of retrospective conversion in these libraries. To enhance management of retrospective conversion, proper planning, meticulous implementation, high level of supervision, constant evaluation, improved funding, training and re-training of staff, installation and frequent update of a strong anti-virus, are highly recommended strategies.