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The paper examines 32855 papers published on liposome research during the years 2011−20, as listed in the Scopus database. The global publication output on liposome research increased from 2907 in 2011 to 3695 in 2020 with average annual growth of 2.76%. The United States was the most productive country in liposome research followed by China and India. The maximum number of papers on liposome research were published by researchers from the Ministry of Education China (640 publications), CNRS (550 publications), and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (454 publications). Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology account for the largest number of publications in liposome research. Journal of Controlled Release published the maximum number of publications on liposome research during this period. Hideyoshi Harashima from Hokkaido University Japan was a leading author in liposome research with the maximum number of publications.



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