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Introduction: Virtual or online education is one of the common methods in different countries of the world, something that can be more used in different and special situations or conditions such as, we are today confronting with, Covid-19 pandemic. It is faced today with different challenges mostly in education for higher education students. We surveyed the challenges of new educations for university students in covid-19 outbreak.

Methods: To conduct the survey research we studied the related text with the subject in the web and asked some students views and thoughts on new education, e-learning, online or virtual education conducted today to give the challenges a fast answer that may not completely satisfying the students. A semi-phenomenological like method was used to collect the needed data to be transliterated then for the tables provided.

Results: Increasing the facilities, familiarity, cost reduction, fast speed, and access to the Internet has an effective role in the development of this method. The only thought-provoking factor is the way students perform and their views due to the infancy of the method, which needs to be studied and followed up to be more developed and restructured well. Even if it has some different advantages for performing the job well in some areas, but some of the students have no a positive attitude toward it in education as a whole.

Conclusion: There are many different views and attitude toward new education performed todays in higher education fields and areas around the planet with positive and negative aspects and understanding. It is the duties of the men who are expert in the field and responsible to use them and pick up the best to present the way or methods that act well and has the most efficiency for all with low cost, fast speed, high accuracy to reach the goal.