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The fastest growing in technology in the recent many of years has changed the way of people live and the conduct of business. The existing of the internet and mobile has led to profound transformation to a various industry from manual-based to automatic-based activity and from offline to online transaction include in banking and financial industry. The objective of this study is to analyze the related literatures on Digital Banking and Financial Inclusion between 2014 until 2020. The methodology that has been applied in this study is descriptive research based on document analysis on previous studies and literatures on digital banking and financial inclusion either from free-of-charge or free-of-registration online journals. The journals and articles are acquired from various sources of channel such as google scholar, science direct and There are 126 articles related in this field were collected and examined. This study perceived at several variables which include authorship patterns, number of articles published, research approach, geographical affiliation, subject and gender of the author. The general finding of this study illustrates that most of the previous study discussed on economic and social development that positively influenced by digital banking and financial inclusion.