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Summer 3-19-2021


The excellence of science and technology has been instrumental in making today's world disparate. Science and Technology are generally recognized as important strategic factors determining the future development and welfare of nations. Research organizations/Universities play a vital role in the generation of new knowledge which may have an impact on the prosperity of the nation. Universities and Research Institutes must assess the research performance of the researcher and scientist for promotion, allocation of research grants, awards, planning of human resources, to know the strengths and weaknesses of the institutions and individuals and to use it in policy decisions. The scientometric study is a viable and relatively objective measure of a university and research institute’s performance, particularly in science and technology. The objective of this research is to explore and develop the utility of scientometrics as a research assessment tool to gain insight into the important aspects of research activities at the Indian Institute of Science (I I Sc), Bangalore. A study on the generation of scientific knowledge and its resultant impact is very crucial for the progress of science and technology. This study evaluates the research productivity of IISc, Bangalore based on the data collected from the Web of Science for twenty years from 2000-2019. A total of 29580 data were downloaded and analyzed using Biblioshiny and Excel software. Parameters such as year-wise, form-wise classification of published papers, most productive authors, most preferred journal, etc. are considered for the study. The impact factor and citation received were also analyzed.



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