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Spring 3-22-2021


This study examines the status of the job market for LIS professionals and the adequacy of current curricula and training resources in LIS training institutions in Pakistan. The study was based on a survey method and a questionnaire was designed for data collection from LIS faculty, LIS professionals, LIS students, and employers). Out of 154, 115 respondents participated in the survey. The results of the study revealed that the current LIS curricula and training programs in the country do not properly address current job market requirements due to inadequate teaching resources, lack of suitable ICT contents in the curricula, courses that are irrelevant to the job market, and inadequate industrial/organizational attachment for LIS students. These findings will help the academia, academic regularity authorities, and other stakeholders in the country to improve LIS curricula and training resources in line with the present job market in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is intended that these findings could be used by the relevant authorities to assess and evaluate the adequacy of LIS curricula and training resources for Information Professionals in the present Job Market and to gain insight knowledge on the LIS faculty and students’ perceptions on the study theme.