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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 8 p.


This study investigated the accessibility and use of Internet services in Nigerian private university system. The survey method was used for the study and data were collected with questionnaire from 240 respondents. Data were analyzed using frequency count and percentage. the findings are that: majority of the staff and students do not have access to the Internet as a result of ineffectiveness of the institution's Internet facility; cybercafés and personal laptops are their main Internet access points; Internet use is motivated by lack of materials in the library and the convenience of Internet use; staff and students use the Internet to gather materials to supplement course work, assignments, online examinations and distant education. The study recommended that: the library and the ICT laboratory should be provided with high speed Internet facilities, followed by networking of staff offices and lecture halls; contingency plan, security measures and user training should be put in place.



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