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Spring 3-24-2021


The published article receives the number of Citations are measure of its impact in the scientific community. This study identifies the Highly cited articles on Animal Cell Diseases. Publications are identified using the Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics. A search was performed using “Animal Cell Diseases” with topic field. The 526 top-cited articles were selected, analyzed and Visualized. The most cited manuscripts appeared 208 journals, 3340 authors, 729 Institutions from 39 Countries. The citation counts for these articles ranged from 500-6157. 95 % of articles are were published between 1992-2012 and highest number of citations registered between 2000-2008. The most cited articles are: The most cited one is “Apel K, Hirt H Reactive oxygen species: Metabolism, oxidative stress, and signal transduction ANNUAL REVIEW OF PLANT BIOLOGY. 2004; 55: 373-399” with 6157 citations and authors are from Switzerland and Austria followed by Xu HY, Barnes GT, Yang Q, Tan Q, Yang DS, et al.Chronic inflammation in fat plays a crucial role in the development of obesity-related insulin resistance JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION. 2003 DEC; 112 (12): 1821-1830 with 4398 Citations authors from USA, “Donehower La, Harvey M, Slagle Bl, Mcarthur Mj, Montgomery Ca, Et Al.Mice Deficient For P53 Are Developmentally Normal But Susceptible To Spontaneous Tumors Nature. 1992 Mar 19; 356 (6366): 215-221 with 3926 Citations from USA. The time of publication, field of study, nature of the work, and the journal in which the work appears are possible determinants of the likelihood of citation and impact.



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